With the support of the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) each company presented their latest leather collections with distinct creations and inspirations highlighting the quality and creativity of Brazilian leather.

The Inspiramais event presents surprising developments in bovine and special leathers showing innovative designs.

The following tanneries took part in the show highlighting developments for the Autumn/Winter 2014 season.

  • Nova Kaeru
  • Aguapé Peixe e Rã
  • Couros Blauth
  • Mundo da Camurça
  • A Bühler
  • Wellour Couros
  • Fuga Couros
  • Aplic Colour
  • Couros Nobres
  • Schmechel Peles Exóticas
  • Leather Tec Couros
  • Couroquímica
  • Courovale
  • Curtume Natur
  • Curtume Rusan
  • Representações Francaro
  • Rhoma
  • Tre Anytry
  • OCM Couros
  • Péltica
  • FAF Couros
  • Arte da Pele
  • Chillacenter