With the world’s largest commercial cattle herd, Brazil is the second largest leather producer on a global scale. More than 70% of its leather production is exported to international markets for footwear, accessories, furniture and the automotive sectors.

Showtime is an event produced by and for the members of the International Textile Market Association (ITMA). The participation of the Brazilian companies in the event has the support of the Brazilian Leather project – an initiative of the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industries (CICB) with the Brazilian Agency for Promotion of Exports and Investments (Apex-Brasil).

Brazilian companies participating at Showtime include:

Apucarana Leather: For more than 40 years, Apucarana Leather has been producing high-quality leather. Certified with ISO 9000, the company produces leather for the furniture, footwear, accessories and automotive sectors. Location: 1-1124

Gobba Leather: This 100 year old tannery is located in the South of Brazil and focused in finished leather for upholstery. Exporting worldwide to the home furniture industries and operating over 15 years in USA. Location: 1-1122

JBS Couros: The largest Brazilian leather exporter with industrial units in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa and China, and distribution centers in Asia, Europe and North America. Location: 1-1223 and 1225

Nova Kaeru: The company produces exotic leathers specialising in tanning fish, ostrich and caiman leathers. They offer industrial-scale production with craftsmanship and a personalised finish. Location: 1-1118

Romeu Couros: Romeu Couros has been working in the leather fashion industry since 1948. The company produces finished leather, hand-made, embossed, nanoprint and many other high-end finishes. Location: 1-1219