According to the CICB Brazil is the country with the highest number of tanneries certified by the LWG, a multi-stakeholder group aimed at the development of best environmental practices through a protocol to assess the performance of the tanneries. Brazil has 33 companies with gold, silver and bronze ratings.

LWG rated tanneries in Brazil:

17 Gold

14 Silver

2 Bronze

Currently there are over 140 member companies from 21 different countries participating in the LWG program. “It reaffirms the commitment of the country with environmental issues”, says José Fernando Bello, Executive President of the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB).

“The benefit of creating cohesion on all environmental issues is great. The leather sector in Brazil is continuously improving its environmental performance in areas such as water consumption and management, treatment of wastewater effluent, emission reduction, raw material traceability and waste disposal among others”, he added. Many of the LWG certified plants in Brazil have a grade A for traceability the highest grade awarded.

At the last LWG Executive Committee elections held in September three new members were elected to the Committee including JBS as a representative of leather manufacturers.

Currently, the tanning sector employs more than 50,000 workers. CICB member tanneries have been working on a series of improvements and worker training focused reducing the sectors impact on the environment through issues such as chemical safety, legislation, product safety, cleaner technologies, environmental and eco compliance. Training includes regular seminars, forums and congresses to discuss and explain the best practices being used in the industry around the world.