The event takes place March 17-20 at Fenac exhibition grounds in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil.
Around 1,200 Brazilian and international exhibitors and 35,000 visitors are expected.
According to José Fernando Bello, President of CICB (the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry), Fimec shows the segment’s strength. “Major names from the tanning and footwear industry, as well as key suppliers from both these sectors, take part in Fimec”, he says. 

CICB’s stand at Fimec 2015 will be shared with two other important associations connected to the sector: Aicsul and ABQTIC. Among the activities planned by the CICB during the event, are the two projects Projeto Comprador (Buyer Project) and Imagem (Image Project).

Projeto Comprador, consists of bringing potential international buyers to Brazil. CICB will also welcome representatives from the largest footwear company in Thailand: Bangkok Rubber Saharattana (Pan Group) and a representative from the Association of Thai Footwear Industrial Promotion (ATFIP) – an entity with around 400 members, 10% of them being leather footwear manufacturers.

During Fimec, CICB will also be promoting its Lei do Couro (Leather Law) campaign. Focused on making traders and consumers aware of the correct use of the word “leather” for shoes, handbags and other leather articles, the project will welcome visitors who wish to clarify their doubts regarding Law 4.888/65 – which is the foundation for the campaign that is taking place across several different regions of Brazil.

The following Brazilian tanneries are exhibiting at Fimec 2015:

Agrolatina Ltda

Curtume Bannach

Fuga Couros

Arte na Pele Desenv.

Couros Exóticos

Curtume Moderno

Apucarana Leather

Marino Luis Blauth (Blauth Benef. De Couros)

AMCM Ind. Com. Imp. Export. e Serv. Técnicos

Couroquímica Couros e Acab.

C N Faria Couros

 FAF Artefatos de Couros Ltda
- Partner Ind. Com. de Couros

Peles Bellin

A.G.G de M. Santos Couros Eireli