In Mexico, the group will take part in all the World Footwear Congress activities, which takes place between November 24-25, at the Poliforum in Léon, besides promoting technical visits and hosting a reception lounge in the hotel where the Brazilian delegation is staying. Technical visits will take place between November 26-27 to a series of local tanneries, footwear manufacturers, and industries connected to leather supply for the automotive sector. The reception is scheduled for November 25, right after the closing of the Congress, at Marriott Courtyard in Léon. 

José Fernando Bello, Executive President of CICB, says this mission is important in order to deeply evaluate trends for the world’s footwear market as well as processes and activities regarding the Mexican industry. Bello highlights that business missions organised by CICB, with support from Apex-Brasil, have generated positive results in terms of knowledge, innovation and relationships, all of which are expected to be repeated in Mexico.

The European Confederation of the Footwear Industry (CEC), the Chamber of the Footwear Industry of the State of Guanajuato (CICEG), and the National Association of Suppliers of the Footwear Industry (ANPIC) promote the World Footwear Congress. The Brazilian companies participating in the mission are as follows:

  • Couro do Norte

  • Couros Bom Retiro

  • Fuga Couros S/A

  • JBS Couros

  • Minerva Leather

  • OCM Best Brasil.