Considering the international importance of the event for the leather sector, Rafael Mariño, Commercial Manager, Curtume Coming, said this edition of the ACLE took place during a time of market change, in which both buyers and sellers were able to observe industry trends. To Emerson Fuga, Director, Curtume Luiz Fuga, in addition to business and the assessment of the world panorama of leather sector, the ACLE is a trade fair that reiterates the presence of Brazil in the international arena. “It consolidates the image of Brazilian leather, especially finished leathers, and establishes a long-term vision of the country’s industry”, he said.
Gilmar Harth, Director, Grupo Bom Retiro, considered the fair to be positive, enabling the consolidation the tannery’s relationship with customers.

Gabriel Doria, from Gobba Leather tannery, reported that some great deals were made during the fair and, with a possible consolidation in the value of leather, there is a growing trend for the market to expand and develop, while Eduardo Fuga, Director of Fuga Couros, believes that a trade fair such as ACLE allows for meetings with several clients at the same time. “This gives us agility in reaching out to a larger group of customers in less time than if we had to visit them individually” he said.