Following a positive return on their participation in 2016, eight Brazilian companies will be attending the trade event this year with the support of the Brazilian Centre for the Tanning Industry (CICB). “The Vietnam trade show has been a welcome surprise as it has been growing and, above all, advancing qualitatively,” said Cézar Müller, Director, A.P. Müller tannery.

The Brazilian leather sector has been developing close ties with Vietnam since its first commercial mission to the country in 2013. Vietnam is now the fourth largest destination for Brazilian hides and skins. The country hosts over 600 footwear factories, and produces 1 billion pairs of shoes and 150 million bags a year, 40% of which are made of leather.

Companies participating in the forthcoming trade event include Alexander, Curtume A.P. Müller, Curtume Bannach, Curtume Della Torre, Euro-América, Forma Couros, JBS Couros, and Union Leather; Hall A, aisle F.