BRF said it expects to make investments of, approximately, R$55 billion (US$10.63 million) within the next ten years, “setting up a prudent net financial leverage limit (ratio between net debt and Adjusted EBITDA of the 12 prior months) up to three times. Between 2021 and 2023 BRF expects to achieve a net revenue of approximately R$65 billion (US$12.56 billion), with a growing EBITDA twice the size in comparison to the current one, considering the last 12 months ended September 30, 2020. Between 2024 and 2026 BRF expects growth of net revenue and EBITDA of approximately 2.5 times in relation to the current levels, and a revenue growth of more than 60% in the Brazilian market. Between 2027 and 2030 the company expects to reach a net revenue of more than R$100 billion (US$19.33 billion) and an EBTIDA growth of more than 3.5 times in relation to the current level, considering the last 12 months ended September 30, 2020, with consistent EBITDA margins above 15%, net margin of approximately 6% and return on invested capital of approximately 16%.

Carlos Alberto Bezerra de Moura, Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer, BRF said these projections “are mere forecast and reflect the current management’s expectation in relation to BRF’s future. Nevertheless, these projections depend on certain factors and market conditions that escape the Company’s control and, therefore, may differ in relation to numbers and results that will be effectively registered by the Company.”