The report highlights the leather supply chain’s ability to leverage the meat industry to work against deforestation and the circular nature of leather production.

In the report, the WWF said: “The leather industry has the opportunity to step up and bolster efforts to eliminate deforestation and conversion in the beef supply chain due to the added income provided by hide sales to producers.

“By collaborating with the beef industry on deforestation and conversion free efforts, leather purchasing companies can use their leverage to drive change and accelerate protection of at-risk habitats.”

Bridge of Weir celebrated WWF’s focus on leather’s circularity in the report, where it showcased that around 17% of hides in the U.S. are wasted (according to estimates from the Leather and Hide Council of America).

Dr Warren Bowden, Head of Sustainability & Innovation at Bridge of Weir Leather, said: “It is a significant development for a globally trusted organisation such as the WWF to highlight the truth around leather and encourage both the customers of leather manufacturers – such as the world’s leading car makers – to collaborate across the full supply chain and increase consumer awareness of leather’s sustainability.

“Across the industry, there needs to be a call to action to share and adopt progressive practices and educate. We are delighted the WWF is encouraging a proactive role for industry leaders and supporting the role of sustainable leather for future generations. We pride ourselves on employing leading environmental practices, and we endeavour to share our learning with the wider industry as recommended in the WWF report.”

You can download the full report, titled Leather Also Has a Role to Play in the Fight Against Deforestation, here.