The 2020 Karma Revero GT and Karma SC1 Vision Concept both incorporate leather from the Scottish tannery, using hides sourced from the very best heritage breeds. The Revero GT, which goes on sale in the second half of 2019 and offers vastly enhanced technology, features black Karma Soft leather throughout. Its interior is part of Karma Automotive’s Classic collection. Meanwhile, the fully electric Karma SC1 Vision Concept sports a luxurious interior finished also with black Karma Soft leather. Bridge of Weir leather also features in Karma Automotive’s customisation area, with 24 hide colours on show, further accentuating the choice customers have to individually tailor their car.

The partnership between Karma Automotive and Bridge of Weir is said to be a natural one as both companies share a similar philosophy of sustainability and appreciation of craftsmanship, mixed with the latest innovation. Bridge of Weir’s commitment to sustainability is exemplified by its industry-leading thermal energy plant which converts process waste into energy, reducing the need for fossil fuels, while its ultra-filtration plant recycles water directly back into production.

“At Karma Automotive, we carefully select suppliers who can meet our exceptionally high standards, and Bridge of Weir has continuously impressed us during our long-standing relationship,” said Paul Houghton, Vice President, Global Design Operations & Craftsmanship at Karma Automotive. “The company’s attention to detail, approach to sustainability, utilisation of the very latest production methods and rich heritage of craftsmanship, means the leather featured in both the new 2020 Karma Revero GT and SC1 Vision Concept is of the absolute highest quality,” he added.

Founded in 1905, Bridge of Weir is the largest automotive leather supplier in the UK and in the top ten globally, as well as being considered the lowest carbon tannery in the world. Starting with the Ford Model T in the early 20th century, the Company now supplies the global automotive industry. Its leather has been a major export from Scotland for 70 years, with 90 % of its product now sold overseas to 20 countries.