CALLUM was founded in 2019 by car designer Ian Callum and has used Bridge of Weir leather in some of its key luxury projects.

In automotive, the CALLUM Vanquish 25 model of the Aston Martin Vanquish featured seats and panels trimmed in Bridge of Weir leathers in beige, tan and dark blue. Meanwhile, through CALLUM, Prodrive trimmed its limited run P25 with Bridge of Weir leather.

In product design, the CALLUM Lounge Chair includes bespoke Bridge of Weir leathers in colours including black, cranberry, fawn and bottle green.

Bridge of Weir’s Advanced Design Studio and CALLUM’s Design Studio are located within the same building in Warwick, in the heart of the British automotive industry in the Midlands.

Ian Callum, Design Director at CALLUM, said: “Throughout my career in the global automotive industry, I have always had the utmost respect for Bridge of Weir and the impeccable standards its expert team consistently sets. Few brands combine such a rich heritage with a passion for innovation so effectively. When we formed CALLUM, it was only logical that we would turn to Bridge of Weir to support us with projects such as the CALLUM Vanquish 25 and the CALLUM Lounge Chair.

“Now, it is equally logical that we take this next step together in our relationship by forming a strategic partnership between CALLUM and Bridge of Weir. Bolstered by our shared geographical location, we look forward to setting new standards in luxury and innovation.”