According to Assintecal, the Brazilian Association of Companies of Components for Leather, Footwear and Manufactured Goods, around US$250,000 was generated in direct business during the two-day event, thanks to the business rounds organised by its Buyer Project, which welcomed ten importers from Latin American countries, such as footwear manufacturers from Ecuador and Colombia.

Sustainability was the greatest highlight of this edition, with proposals across the entire value chain, from leathers and accessories to clothing and shoes. A variety of sustainable projects were presented, including Mix by Brasil, Sustainable Origin, EcoDesign, and Handcraft Knowledge, through which visitors had the opportunity to become familiar with new perspectives and proposals for the fashion industry.

18 tanneries participated at the 15th edition of Inspiramais, showcasing their collection at the Leather Preview space set up by the CICB, the Brazilian Centre for the Tanning iIndustry.

Assintecal expects total business generated during the event to exceed US$ 2 million in the next few months.