The revised SB 633 – Modernising California’s “Made in USA” Labelling Standard should reflect the real companies’ needs and actual global market, whereby companies need to source components from all over the world.  

Up to now, California was the only U.S. state that had a 100% domestic requirement, meaning that all products used in a manufactured product had to come from domestic sources. However, a group of manufacturers that took part in the lobbying highlighted how it is now virtually impossible to source 100% of all products in the country.

This onerous regulation was brought to the spotlight in 2010 by Californian based Vinturi Inc, which produces wine aerators. After 5 years of working on the issue, the Governor has finally signed the law, which now aligns itself with the other 49 federal states and uses a more flexible “all or virtually all” standard for determining when a product is eligible to be labelled as “Made in USA.”

Source: FDRA