The new wage will come into effect on January 1, 2023, but union leaders in the country have said the increase is not enough and will continue to fight for a living wage.

Pav Sina, President of the Collective Union of Movement of Workers (CUMW), said: “The new minimum wage is not good enough to cushion the rising cost of living. The government must take measures to control inflation so that workers can survive on their wages.

“In addition, some workers’ benefits had been reduced in the past three years, like the number of national holidays reduced from 22 days to six, and the replacement leave if a national holiday falls on a Sunday has been removed.”

While unions campaigned for a wage increase, employers have been appealing to the National Minimum Wage Council (NMWC) to reduce the minimum wage to US$188 per month because of the economic downturn.

Source: IndustriALL