Reportedly, intra-African trade represents just 14.4% of the total value of African exports and is an area that can be exploited, Cameroon’s Ambassador to Morocco, Mouhamadou Youssifou, told LesÉ

Achille Bassilekin III, Cameroonian Minister of SMEs, said: “The decades-long Moroccan experience in leather processing and modernisation of the sector speaks to us. We know exactly what pitfalls must be avoided in order to develop leather goods in our country.”

Leather and wood are among nine priority sectors identified by the government of Cameroon in its National Development Strategy (SND) 2020-30, as part of its goal to be classified as an emerging country by 2035.

Leather sector exports from Morocco to Cameroon currently represent about 10.8% of its total for the industry.

Source: LesÉ