The Italian Confederation of Industry (Confindustria) has launched a new edition of IxI (Imprese y Innovazione) awards to coincide with the World Expo 2015 being held in Milan. The awards focus on the themes of Expo 2015 and has been named in honour of Andrea Pininfarina, the engineer from the famous car design company in collaboration with the Industrial Union of Turin, the Foundation Josephine Mai, APQI (The Italian Association of Quality Standards).

The innovation award is recognition of the company’s role in new quality manufacturing and innovation of machinery in the tanning and other industrial sectors under “Made in Italy” label. The ceremony will be held in Milan in November.

Cartigliano was also awarded a Best of APLF innovation award at the APLF MM&T last April and they have also been notified of another award from the Veneto region of Italy, which they will receive at a ceremony in Venice on November 13.