The award was given to Cartigliano for its highly-innovation vacuum dryer that brings down consumption of energy and reduces emissions into the air.

The new visually striking machine now permits a very deep and natural drying and grants a perfect thermo-fixation of the fibres without the normal known shrinkage of the area seen with vacuum drying.

As leather is a natural product, Cartigliano have realised that all drying treatments the leather must never exceed 37°c. Only in this way, the a-CNS enhances the natural quality of the leather without ruining it.

Following the drying process, the leather is almost completely dried with around 20% residual moisture. The leather perfectly thermo-fixed and will dramatically cut the shrinkage even for the following drying/conditioning stages.

“This is the first time, in 30-years of the APLF fair, that they recognise such an award to a manufacturing company. We are very proud of it”, says Antonio Polato.