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EasyWhite Tan and the development of metal-free tanning technology

Global leather chemicals solutions provider Stahl will discuss the development of EasyWhite Tan, its metal-free tanning technology. During this webinar, technical experts from Stahl will outline the development of its metal-free tanning technology called EasyWhite Tan, answering questions from ILM Content Director Martin Ricker.

Martin will be joined by the following experts from Stahl:

• Marcus Breulmann, Global Technical Segment Manager, Wet-End Chemicals

• Luis Angel Reyes Becerra, Leather Technician Wet-End

• Roberta Gamarino, Research & Development Manager at Stahl Italy.

This pre-recorded discussion will be followed by a live Q&A with the three presenters, moderated by ILM Deputy Editor Tom Hogarth.


Biocides in leather: A blessing or curse

“Biocides in leather: A blessing or curse” - why do we need them, what are the benefits, what’s already available in the market, regulatory difficulties and the future of biocides, sustainability, and safety of biocides. An update on the restricted substance lists (RSL, MRSL) etc.


Stahl’s vision of a renewable future with Stahl Ympact as a cornerstone

Earlier this year, global chemical specialist Stahl launched Stahl Ympact, a series of leather chemical solutions made with renewable feedstocks. These products originate from biomass feedstock and carbon-captured CO2 with a content of up to 70% and will assist tanneries to reduce their environmental footprint without compromising on quality or performance. During the webinar, two leather chemical industry specialists from Stahl will provide more details about this new technology and highlight some of the new generation of leather chemicals using bio-based feedstocks.


Traceability and transparency in the leather supply chain 2021

ILM is hosting the next in a series of webinars relating to the ongoing hot topic of traceability and transparency in the leather supply chain.

ILM will be joined by industry leading presenters from co-sponsors Gibson Bass, Vitelco Leather and Oeko-Tex. Spoor Leather will also present alongside Oeko-Tex to outline their real world traceability system from farm to finish leather product. Gibson Bass will present a practical solution for marking hides and skins, and Vitelco Leather outline their 100% fully traceable leather system for calfskins.


Biotechnology and tanneries: The future of sustainable leather

Evolved By Nature is a biotech company creating new molecules to build a healthier future. Specializing in using silk protein molecules to create sustainable alternatives to leather finishing chemicals, they believe that strong partnerships between the biotech and leather making industries can solve pressing health and environmental issues, while ensuring high quality performance features.


Leather: A circular environmental material

Many people do not realise that leather is a waste product of the food industry and that farmed animals such as cows and sheep are simply not bred to make leather as it not economically viable. Collagen is the natural building block of skin and it can be converted into leather which can either be made to last a long time, repairable or be made to be full compostable and fit with the very definition of a sustainable circular material.


ILM Ethical sourcing, regenerative agriculture and leathermaking

This webinar organised by ILM in association with theSauerReport and sponsored by PrimeAsia and the Leather and Hide Council of America (LHCA) will explore a range of topics around ethical sourcing, animal welfare best practice, regenerative agriculture, supply chain mapping and traceability frameworks.

The webinar will cover the topics of:

• Ethical sourcing and how all players need to collaborate together on greater transparency.

• Prime Asia's responsibly raised initiatives.

• How Timberland use regenerative agriculture practices as part of their leather sourcing programme.


ILM What Brands and retailers are looking for from their leather suppliers webinar

In this webinar organised by ILM in association with theSauerReport and sponsored by Oekotex, we explore the key considerations major brands and retailers have around leather sourcing and how suppliers can meet these demands. Three high-profile presenters cover a wide range of topics around material sourcing and what tanners can do to better meet brands’ expectations and needs, from sustainability and end-of-life considerations to traceability and the appeal of leather as a natural, long-lasting material.