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What is honest science?

I remember a discussion at home when I was deciding to go to University. It was in the years after C P Snow had given his controversial Rede lecture "The Two Cultures". The worry was that literary and artistic people had become so divorced from any understanding of science that they could not understand the technical development going on around them. My father, who was then Managing Director of Andrew Muirhead's tannery in Scotland, argued that making leather involved both science and art and so neatly bridged the divide.


Getting away from commodity thinking

Many articles are written about the leather Industry relating to the current state of the industry and the market conditions etc etc. I have spent the past 25 years in the tanning industry and have seen a lot and have managed too achieve quite a bit also. In my opinion, to be honest, the industry has not really changed that much. The disconnected relationship between sales demand for leather and supply is a fact: a fact that drives profit margins and the total business forward.


Should we shop for our leather more locally?

Summer holidays are with us in Europe, with some countries closed down for most of August. I was relaxing in the garden listening to the radio. The radio presenter has just come back from his holidays in France and was saying that there the high street was full of local shops.