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ILM podcast: A new leather LCA for the Higg Index by cutting down on waste

Kim Sena, Sustainability Manager at JBS Couros, and Andy Pleatman, responsible for Strategy and Vision at China/Vietnam based footwear upper leather tannery Asiatan, join ILM Editor Isabella Griffiths on the latest episode of the ‘View from the top’ podcast to chat about JBS’ sustainable leather concept, Kind Leather, the importance of material lifecycle assessments (LCA), deforestation, and the image and future of leather.


ILM podcast: The importance of people and education

The latest episode of the ILM “View from the top” podcast series covers the value of education as an ongoing part of life, the industry’s dependence on young people and the next generation of employees in a post pandemic world. It is now available free-to-download and listen to here, as well as via Apple Podcast, Spotify and Deezer.