In mid-May, the 13 public and private partners of the Erasmus+ Fit2Com project, co-funded by the European Commission, gathered in the Portuguese town of Porto to finalise the content and logistic arrangements of a pilot course that aims to test the new developed training programme on comfortable fashion footwear.

The selected participants will have the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in comfort and health features for fashion-based footwear by following an online course, which will be complemented by practical exercises in the form of workshops in respective partners centres of Germany, Portugal, Romania and Spain.

“In the EU, there is a strong demand for comfortable shoes in the fashion sector”, says the CEC. “This trend will continue growing in view of the ageing population and consumers determination to prevent and ensure a healthy and long life. Companies, therefore, need to ensure that workers have the required skills and knowledge in merging the latest fashion trends and aesthetic designs with a deep understanding of what makes shoes comfortable for consumers.”

Footwear technicians wishing to participate must register their interest by June 20, 2018 by clicking here.