CEC is calling on fashion and footwear Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions as well as schools to participate in the ‘Call for Expression of Interest’ for the ‘Shake the future of the footwear sector’ contest, which aims to inspire young students to think about the European footwear industry in new ways and to present a fresh vision of its future.

The contest is divided into two categories; one aimed at students aged 16-18, who will have to design a new footwear product, and another addressed to students aged 19-25, who will imagine and present the footwear factory of the future.

The initiative is part of a broader communication campaign of the project ‘Attracting new skilled workforce for quality jobs in the European Footwear sector’, financed by the European Commission under the Social Dialogue programme and carried out by the CEC with its European partners Assocalzaturifici and IndustriAll Europe.

Footwear schools and institutions wishing to participate must submit their interest before February 15, 2018. For further information, please contact info@cec-footwearindustry.eu