The Mayor of London’s Good Growth Fund could develop a Centre for Artisan Accessory and Leather Makers by providing business space and training opportunities for leather and accessories craftspeople in East London. The UKFT, with the support of Leather UK and Ruth Glen Consultancy, is now preparing a Stage Two application for submission in the first week of February. In order to prepare for this second phase, the Association has launched a short survey aimed at UK based businesses and entrepreneurs as it seeks to provide evidence of the strength of the sector, and its ambitions for growth.

If successful, the UKFT could be awarded a significant sum towards the project, which aims to create a specialist centre for leather and accessories craftsmanship. The centre would support the continued development of the ‘Made in the UK’ movement, link high quality British making with fashion design and manufacture, and pass on artisan skills to the next generation of makers.

To complete the survey before January 21, please click here.