The TNPCB has mandated that all tanneries have to achieve the norm of ZLD under which they are expected to either treat effluents on their own and use the treated effluents for their own processes without letting them outside their premises, or become a member of a CETP and transport their effluents to the CETP, which, in turn, has to achieve ZLD and send back the treated effluents to the respective tanneries for use in their process.

M. Senthil Kumar, District Environmental Engineer, TNPCB, Vaniyambadi, told The Hindu that on instructions of the TNPCB headquarters in Chennai, he and other officials of the Board inspected the CETP and ordered the closure of the Amburtec CETP in Thuthipet and its 47 member tanneries for the failure of the CETP and the tanneries to achieve ZLD. Following complaints that nine tanneries in the Pernambut area were discharging untreated effluents into the open and polluting the environment, he inspected the tanneries and closed the units for violation of PCB norms and failure to achieve the ZLD norm. On the instructions of the Board, Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation disconnected the power supply to the Amburtec CETP and the 56 closed tanneries on November 26-27.

Source: The Hindu