Etevaldo Zilli, General Secretary of the event and Executive Director of ABQTIC (the Brazilian Association of Leather Industry Technicians and Chemists)  says they have already received several confirmations and that “China will be well represented since their leather industry is very well developed as well as India, where the next IULTICS Congress will take place”.

The congress will be held at Feevale’s theatre, one of the region’s biggest venues with a capacity of of over 1800 seats. Roberto Kamelman, President of the XXXIII IULTCS Congress organizing commission, says that Feevale has its eyes in the future, just like the international event. “There could not be a better place to host the meeting. We’re talking about an open university that truly interacts with the community around it. For the Congress, we are positive that it will integrate the industry with the scientific community in a harmonious way”, he explains.

The four-day event will be rich in presentations, demonstrations and key visits for the leather sector in the region. Fifty students from the leather technology and environmental department of SENAI (Brazil’s National Service for Industry Training) will actively participate and present various types of projects.

Furthermore, the organisers will profit from the congress to officially inaugurate the “Instituto do Couro” (the Leather Institute), situated at ABQTIC’s headquarters located next to the university.

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