Speaking during the press conference at the All China Leather Exhibition in Shanghai on September 4, he said that leather and leather product exports rose 12.3% in value for the January-June 2013 and imports in to China grew by 5.9%.

The total output of light leather in H1 2013 was 280 million sq m, a decline of 19.76% compared to the previous year. Exports of semi-finished and finished leather reached 19,000 tons valued at $200 million. This was a reduction of 1.4% and 10.2% respectively compared with last year.

A total of 500,000 tons of semi-finished and finished leather valued at $2.16 bilion were imported, 13.1% and 7.0% up respectively year-on-year. 

“We expect to see further consolidation in the tanning industry within China over the next few years as some of the larger players acquire smaller manufacturers”, said Su Chaoying.

Speaking about whether there would be shift away from making leather in China he told ILM: “We don’t have any data that shows how much manufacturing is shifting from China to other parts of South East Asia, such as Indonesia and Vietnam but he thought that many tanners would remain on the Chinese mainland as they would be close to the leather supply chain and the growing consumption on the domestic market.