Amazon’s CCU discovered the attempted counterfeiting in 2021 and provided a criminal referral to the Chinese authorities following internal investigations.

After a guilty plea, the defendant faces a three-year prison sentence, a US$25,000 fine and will forfeit all revenue gained from the sale of counterfeit goods. Said goods will also be seized and destroyed.

The CCU noted that these outcomes usually follow evidence of counterfeits seized during raids by law enforcement but, in this case, a judgement was issued primarily based on the information from Amazon and Prada, consisting of overseas counterfeit sales records and fulfilment centre inventory records.

Kebharu Smith, Director of Amazon’s CCU, said: “The guilty plea is a significant win for Amazon’s CCU, but more importantly it’s a win for all of those who share our commitment to tackling the industry-wide issue of counterfeiting.

“This successful result would not have been possible without the collaboration with law enforcement and luxury players such as the Prada Group. We are grateful for their support and look forward to continuing to take the fight to counterfeiters.”