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Brazil has the biggest cattle heard in the world with around 217,500 million heads, followed by India, China, Italy and the U.S. The country has 310 tanneries, which employ a total of 44,000 people.

The promotion of Brazilian Leather has a focus on design, creativity and value adding but it is also quickly becoming a reference in terms of environmental matters. 90% of the tanneries include environment concerns in their strategic planning and 70% of them have a dedicated department for this.

85% of the tanneries have a daily control of solid waste and 90% have established programmes to reduce wastes.

Further, Brazil is currently establishing a Brazilian Leather Sustainability Certificate (CSCB) labelling procedure, which indicates the tannery that supplied the leather generates good economic results, is committed to reducing the impact on the environment and has adequate working conditions.

This label also seeks to reassure final consumers, in that the leather product they are buying conforms to strict sustainability criteria.

Brazil is among the top 5 countries in sustainability matters.

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