Net pairs of footwear sold for the year totalled 30.7 million, down by 5% year-on-year and the company celebrated reducing inventory older than two years by 76.7% since 2022.

Revenue from the retail channel was £238.9 million (US$305.22 million), down by 1%, while e-commerce revenue was flat at £134.9 million (US$172.35 million) and wholesale revenue grew by 2.8% to £416.2 million (US$531.7 million). Outlet revenue grew 1.9% to £203 million (US$259.4 million) and Other revenue was up 400% to £1.5 million (US$1.9 million)

By region, the UK and Republic of Ireland saw revenue grow 2.8% to £398.3 million (US$508.9 million) while EMEA was down 12.8% to £38.1 million (US$48.69 million). The Americas had growth of 1.8% to £466.3 million (US$595.9 million) and Asia Pacific grew 1.4% to £91.8 million (US$117.3 million)

Gross profit for the year was down 1% to £481.1 million (US$614.8 million), while the company reported a loss after tax of £32.1 million (US$41 million), down 243.3%.

C&J Clark (No 1) noted that the result came down to several factors, including weak demand in full price channels, poor performance in Western outlet stores, reduced wholesale demand and “discount hungry consumers”.