As part of the Make In India programme, the 1st Designers Fair is aimed at bringing a collection of leather products designers to Chennai so that the local industry can visit and collaborate, or learn, the latest trends and techniques in the market.

24 international designers from the U.S., Brazil, Italy, Russia, Spain, Belgium along with two local Indian designers showed-up some of their designs at a 3-day mini-exhibition which was held concurrently with India International Leather Fair.

Around 250 people pre-registered for the event, with a further 100 visiting during the show to the event, which was only accessible by registering.

Naresh Bhasin, Chairman, CLE Task Force on Design, said that it was the first time that the CLE had actively invited designers to exhibit in India. The aim of the programme is to enhance India’s design skills in leather for shoes, leather goods and garments, and follows presentations at Designers Fairs in Las Vegas and New York organised by the CLE.

“The CLE is trying the innovative concept of organising a specific design development event through the Designers Fair”, said Bhasin.