The enzymatic auxiliary Merpizym 9120 is new to its liming range. This high-concentrated product leads to a better scud loosening and less hide draw, particularly in the neck area of bovine hides. The removal of the epidermis is accelerated and low-sulphide processes are facilitated.  

For the deliming, with the Corimerpin 9063 a new ester-based agent is available. It ensures a complete through deliming even on unsplit pelts and when working without ammonium salts. The product, which is distinguished by its pronounced buffering properties, promotes a fine grain and a good grain tightness. The deliming and bating range is completed by a highly effective nonylphenol ethoxylate-free low-foaming degreasing agent named Hydrophan 9180 and the pancreatic bating agent Merpi-zym 9187.

Hydraphtal 8055, when used in the pickle or in the chrome tanning, will increase the tear strength and generally improve the physical properties of the leather. The product is lightfast and serves as an excellent pre-fatliquor.

For the basification of the chrome tanning, two different products are available. Merpin 8020 ensures a rapid pH-development and is adequate for short-time processes, hence the product can also be used to adjust the pH in the soaking float. In contrast, the Merpin 8025 generates a slow pH increase, which is especially beneficial for a good chrome distribution or when unsplit pelts are tanned.

Biocides Merpin 8000 and Merpin 8005 ensure a proper preservation of soaking floats and tanned leathers, hence avoiding delamination and mould damage.

Enzymatic auxiliary Merpizym 8008 accelerates the soaking of all kinds of salted and dried raw materials from bovine hides to sheep and goatskins by removing unstructured proteins and emulsifying natural fats. Merpin 8011 is especially recommended when processing partially dried or unevenly salted hides since it assures a very quick rewetting effect throughout the whole cross section. A well-balanced and low-foaming emulsifier Merpin 8010 N loosens and removes dirt and manure. By adjusting the pH in the soak with Merpin 8020 rather than with sodium carbonate or caustic soda, strong pH spikes are avoided and the swelling of the subsequently resulting pelts is reduced. All products when used in combination provide a uniform soaking effect, which is the perfect precondition for an even penetration of the liming chemicals.

The lipase-based degreaser Merpizym 4581 can be used as an additive in the liming or deliming float and thus improves the scud loosening and cleanliness. Merpin 6007 is an economical solution to reduce the sulphide load in conventional drum liming processes. For a higher level of swelling control, sulphide reduction and pelt cleanliness the application of Merpin 8016 N and especially the newly developed Merpin 9020 is highly recommended. Both products are sulphide-free and can be used in hair-pull or hair-save processes with a hair filtration in the drum or paddle. They function as anti-wrinkle agents and improve the smoothness of the grain and scud loosening, resulting in a reduction of neck and belly draw, a reduced appearance of natural growth marks and thus in an improved overall classification of the hide material.