Avoiding hazardous chemicals is very important when producing safe and ecological leathers. Many ongoing collaborative efforts such as LWG and new MRSL lists have been successful in reducing the environmental impact of leather manufacturing. TFL’s presentation will place emphasis on the beamhouse processing steps, an example of which is the unhairing stage using toxic sulphide, which is polluting and potentially dangerous.

New technologies will be discussed which will not only help to reduce the emissions during beamhouse operations (sulphide , COD, BOD, nitrogen , salts) but which will make the working environment safer. Other topics on the agenda at the half-day (afternoon) conference include:

  • Understanding the ZDHC Leather MRSL
  • Uniform Effluent Discharge
  • Need and drivers for Traceability
  • Transparency in the Supply Chain
  • Individual Hide, Skin & Split Traceability Systems

More details about the speakers and topics are to be communicated shortly. The conference will take place the Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Centre alongside the APLF.

Delegate fees are US$385 (with discounts for BLC members/APLF Exhibitors/more than 1 delegate).

For more information contact: Rachel Yan on Rachel.yan@ubm.com, +852 2585 6134, or Deborah Taylor Deborah@blcleathertech.com.  The conference is sponsored by Stahl, TFL, Zschimmer & Schwarz, National Beef and PrimeAsia. ILM is the official media sponsor. Click here to sign up.