The meeting was held in Chengdu, Sichuan province and included industry specialists and academic professors from universities, a special committee for the tanning sector and representatives from a professional committee from the leather chemical industry.

Deputy Secretary General of the China Leather Industry Association Chen Zhanguang and President of CLIA, Su Chaoying provided four key points for the roadmap at the meeting:

  1. Focus on energy conservation, emission reduction and technological innovation in the tanning sector.
  2. Tanneries, colleges and universities jointly contribute and work together to development a framework for the industry.
  3. The framework should made-up of tanning industry senior managers and leather chemical suppliers, industry specialists and academic professors, scientific research institutions and testing organisations.
  4. The roadmap should be rigorous and practical.

All present agreed that the roadmap would be beneficial for the whole sustainable future for the industry and a final draft of the roadmap for water and emission control for the tanning sector will be completed by May 2015.