Fuxin is considered an old industrial base in China and the exhibition included a display of the new investment opportunity in the Fuxin Leather Industrial Zone.

With the help and support of the CLIA and the China Footwear Industry Research Institute, the new leather industrial zone aims to produce leather and leather products in a cluster zone covering 10 sq. km. It includes a tanning district, leather goods cluster, logistics district and a central sewage treatment plant.

Eventually, they hope to process up to 30 million pieces of leather and leather products annually and so far the industrial zone has signed-off 71 projects with tanners to locate to the area.

The China Investment Promotion Department has given a number of preferential policies in order to attract more tanners from home and aboard to Fuxin and provides support for the entrance to the area and its industrial development.

CLIA Deputy Secretary General, Ye Xiangju said, “Tanning provides major industrial income for the China’s economic growth. It plays an important role in employment, people’s livelihoods and national tax revenues. Fuxin is the first city in China that has been awarded by the National Council of Light Industry and CLIA as ‘a demonstration location for leather products’. CLIA will work with Fuxin to build a professional base and provide a pull-up effect to the local economy with the formation of the industrial cluster.”

Source: CLIA