Does Hidexe cater to the buyers, sellers, traders or agents?

Hidexe is designed by leather professionals for the benefit of all leather professionals. Our software is particularly relevant for meat packers, hide processors, leather tanners, traders, and agents. Hidexe understands that the same entity can simultaneously be a buyer of raw materials and a seller of refined leather derivatives and by-products. Hence, our users can switch between the buy- and sell-side with a single click on the user dashboard. 90% of industry flows come from the ‘repeat business’ trades, so we have automated virtually all typical procurement processes and related human interactions. We have also standardised product definitions and legal documentation, thus allowing all users to participate on an equal footing in the market.

What is Hidexe’s core tool? (see our YouTube channel for various tutorials)

Hidexe allows users to digitally launch traditional ‘English auctions’, in which hide, skins, leather and by-products are sold to the highest bidder. Our software gives you an option to launch ‘public’ or ‘private’ auctions. In ‘private’ auctions, sellers limit the circle of buyers to a select few that are sent electronic invitations. When a ‘public’ auction is launched, all Hidexe users are notified immediately without giving out the seller’s name. ‘Private’ auctions are particularly suitable for those users who conduct ‘repeat business’ with the counterparties they already know well. In ‘public’ auctions, the identity of the seller is not visible until the winner is selected, and only becomes visible to the winner. Bidders’ identities remain obscured, and the final contract information is visible solely to the counterparties that execute the system-generated legal documentation (ICHSLTA Contract Number 6).

What is the minimum size of a Hidexe trade?

Hidexe’s basic unit is a ‘load’ (i.e. a 20ft container or a truckload).

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