Episode 1, titled “Making with Waste”, has been released on Coach’s social media platforms and is hosted by sustainable fashion advocate and Coachtopia community member Aditi Mayer.

In the episode, Mayer visits family-run leather maker KH Exports in India, which has been working with Coach since 1987.

Coachtopia Head Joon Silverstein said: “Since the founding of Coachtopia, we’ve been working closely with a wide range of inspiring young leaders through our Beta Community—and we have heard how frustrating fashion’s lack of transparency can be to this generation.

“That’s why we launched this docuseries The Road to Circularity – to go places where fashion doesn’t typically go, to explore the challenges facing our industry, and to show what it means to reconsider the usual fashion narratives and systems with circularity in mind.

“We’re excited to share our work-in-progress because we know that to tackle climate change, we can’t be afraid to take bold, if imperfect, steps and to be honest about how far we have to go. It’s our way of using brand storytelling to shed light on bigger issues and to spark conversations that have an impact beyond Coachtopia.”

The videos were made in partnership with production company Special Order and Director Christina Burchard, with more to be released this year.

Source: Fashion United