The auction features items from leading tannery machinery and technology brands, including more than 50 Unimatik, Poletto, Italprogetti, Ludwig Dose and Hüni drums from sample to large capacity sizes, including wood, stainless steel, fibreglass for colouring, tanning and milling, some having been purchased as recently as 2018. Other items on the bidding list include assorted stainless steel dye vats, pumps and more, six Mosconi & Woburn whole hide and side splitters, six Bauce and other sammying/setting-out machines, Cartigliano and other staking machines, four Flamar Italia shaving machines, two Cartigliano 5- and 6-deck vacuum driers, three Fratelli-Carlessi and Koch toggling ovens, Mostardini embossing machines, a Hampton spray finishing lines, a seasoning machine, Gemata rollercoaters for wax and other finishes, a Cartigliano impregnation machine, Bergi Ofb Superpress and other rotary press and roto-grain embossing machines. Bergi and other buffing lines, Finiflex machine, approximately 200 embossing plates, leather trucks and conveyor systems, lab testing and mini tanning test machines, 2012 Cleaver Brooks, Ames and other boilers, support equipment, spare machine parts, and many more items are also available.

An inspection can be booked between Thursday, September 24 to Sunday, September 27, 2020 from 9am to 4pm. For more information, contact Myron Bowling +1 (001) 513 604 4957,, or James Cox at +1 (001) 513 889 0500

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