A key theme of the event is replacement chemistries to support the changing landscape of restricted chemical management in support of increasing global regulatory demands, brand restricted substance list requirements and industry group commitments such as ZDHC.

In today’s evolving regulatory landscape there is an ever growing importance placed on the availability of alternative, sustainable chemistries; which act to serve as replacements to currently controlled chemicals.

The leather industry is no exception and, with all aspects of legislation continuing to be high on the agenda across the global supply chain, this conference promises a lively and informative debate looking at the facts and different perspectives.

Other topics to be covered include:

–        Sustainability; what it means to the leather industry

–        Topical Legislation

–        Nanotechnology

–        ZDHC Updates

–        Impact of EU and US Biocidal Product Regulations

For more information on the Hong Kong Conference please contact: info@blcleathertech.com or call +44(0) 1604 679999