COTANCE President, Rino Mastrotto, led discussions regarding the availability and price of raw hides and skins.
COTANCE members regretted that the awareness of national and European government authorities about the critical situation with the leather industry’s raw materials market is not seen as urgent. Certain hide or skin categories, notably those required by the high-end industries in the luxury, fashion and automotive sectors are hard to source and fiercely disputed, driving prices to levels that have become unsustainable. Under such circumstances, European tanners have no alternative than to transferring the price increases of hides and skins onto finished leather prices.

Customers of European tanners need to understand that there is no other option for the continued supply of high quality leather for the fashion and automotive sectors. “It is in Europe where they can find leathers produced under the world’s most stringent environmental and health and safety conditions that make up their reputation”, say COTANCE.