In his presentation, ‘Covid-19 growth impact assessment for the automotive industry and implications for leather applications’, Rossi will provide an overview of the market and projections on how factors such as lower customer affordability and confidence post-pandemic will affect the automotive leather supply chain, with forecasts on an estimated recovery timeline for the automotive segment. He will also put forward arguments for stronger digitisation in the leather industry as automotive leather applications will be affected in the short term by overall automotive drop of demand and high-trim variants reductions, and in the long term by CASE mega-trends such as digitalisation, connectivity and return to experiential luxury. Rossi will therefore outline why stakeholders need to focus on resource optimisation, new growth segments and cost rationalisation to overcome the slowdown in the market and how leather applications will be reshaped by new sanitation standards and CASE technologies.

Giacomo Rossi

About Giacomo Rossi
Giacomo Rossi is Senior Consultant – Mobility Europe at Frost & Sullivan with extensive global work experience at cross-functional and strategic level, covering roles in marketing and sales, finance and project management. His specific expertise focuses on strategy planning and execution, business performance analysis and market scenario forecasting, competitive benchmarking at financial, commercial and strategic level, product marketing and brand positioning – particularly in the automotive premium industry – as well as commercial development strategy in Italy and major European markets. He gained industry experience across a diversity of sectors, including Italian OEMs, luxury and super-sport brands, luxury yachting as well as luxury automotive fashion brands. He holds an M.Sc. in Business Administration from the University of Bologna and Westminster Business School in London.

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Sponsored by chemical specialist Zschimmer & Schwarz, the webinar is open to any company or professional individual connected to the leather supply chain, from meat processors and raw materials traders to leather manufacturers, tier-1 suppliers and leather using brands, retailers and OEMs.