The event will start at 1.30pm, after the national meeting of ABQTIC (the Brazilian Association of Leather Industry Chemists and Technicians), which will be held in the morning. 

Organised by the CICB, the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry, the Forum will discuss how ‘disruptive businesses’ have the power to change the market in which they are inserted. It will focus on rupture and breaking away from antique concepts through improvements and transformation in products and services in order to achieve growth.

“At the Forum, we want to present cases from the industry of innovative processes with results that have already been consolidated, and also how these examples can be positive for other businesses to grow in their own development of social, economic, and environmental activities”, said José Fernando Bello, Executive President, CICB.

Sponsored by specialty chemical manufacturer Stahl, the event will host speakers and panelists from the fashion segment, technology, official certifications, livestock and social environment.