The protection of water as an essential resource and the industrial impact on its quality are key issues which must be addressed and controlled. CTC’s Waste Water Index has been developed and used for more than 30 years in Europe and is now available to CTC customers in China. A new service for tanneries located in Asia but also for international brands wanting to secure their leather sourcing with a sustainable approach, relying on an ethical and reliable third party expert.

The Waste Water Index service is provided by CTC’s most important laboratory in China (Dongguan), a unique structure, specialized in the leather industry and supported by the world’s premier network of experts and consultants dedicated to the leather and textile industries.

According to Yves Morin, CEO of CTC Groupe: “As a specialist in leather material and the only key player in social responsibility, CTC’s Waste Water Index is our contribution to a better image of the tannery business and leather material businesses”.