Highlights at IILF are as follows:

  • Articles developed on Indian buffalo raw materials (from beamhhouse to post tanning) for upholstery crust showing area yield improvement, uniformity and lightweight leathers.
  • Novel application techniques using Debag Kimya’s range of enzymes in post tanning operations to improve crust quality for tanners who do not carry out their own beamhouse operations.
  • Range of leathers – lightweight, uniform feel & texture, both for classical as well as fashion segments, using post tanning range of chemicals.
  • Emphasis on garment leathers on Indian local and imported origins of sheepskins, cow, goat and buffalo.

In attendance will be the technical team from India as well as Leather Business Manager, Ergun Utku from Debag Kimya to offer assistance to customers.

Visit hall 3, stand 3-05-B at IILF 2015.