The new, high-performing surfactants, emulsifiers and degreasing agents will be the focus on the company’s joint stand in Hall N5.

The new Debasoft-range of products have been designed to improve the distribution of tanning, retanning and fatliquoring agents and dyes, thus resulting in a more clear and bright, stain free leather. The range is suitable for all kinds of finished leathers.

Debasoft A is an environmentally friendly anionic surfactant with high wetting power and a very high dispersing action.

Debasoft A1 is a non-ionic surfactant with high wetting power especially designed to be used in the pre-soaking and main soaking processes.

Debasoft A 200 is an anionic surfactant specifically designed to have a good wetting power and dispersing action.

Debasoft BA is the electrolyte stable, lightfast synthetic softening auxiliary.

Debasoft CBP is a surfactant designed to have good cleaning power and dispersing action.

Debasoft CCA is a multi-purpose electrolyte stable, cationic degreasing agent.

Debasoft CWR is a scouring and dispersing agent, highly recommended for doubleface.

Debasoft D9 ECO is a NPEO-free degreasing agent for high natural fat content skins.

Debasoft NDL, APEO and solvent free, is a degreasing agent particularly suitable for fatty skins.

Debasoft NDLC, similar to NDL, is APEO free.

Debasoft SRW is an electrolyte stable, low foaming, lightfast, biodegradable and highly effective washing, wetting, rewetting and degreasing agent.

Debasoft STR is a 100% biodegradable strong degreasing agent designed for difficult leathers with high natural fat content.

Debasoft TRZ is a cost effective, environmentally friendly degreasing agent for fur, doubleface, sheep nappa and bovine nappa.

Founded in 1959, Debag Kimya has always focused on environmental oriented production, undertaking several audits to obtain the most important environmental certifications. It currently owns three production sites, and works in thirteen countries, mainly in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. 

For more information, the company’s agent will be on the joint stand of Tianjin Giantey Machinery during the ACLE.

Hall N5, stands B15C-16C.