Oftentimes, in meetings, questions of how to improve upon the profitability or customer base are proposed. But less often do you hear questions about how to improve customer satisfaction. 

Using customer satisfaction as a metric of a company’s success is nothing new. Companies such as restaurants and hotels rely heavily on websites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor to relay how well a company takes care of its customers. These customer-driven companies realise that customer satisfaction has a direct effect on success and brand recognition. 

Applying the same mindset to the leather industry is something we should all work on in today’s high-tech environment. The voices of your many customers are infinitely louder, whether you’re a small company buying one or two hides or a publicly traded company buying truckloads of leather. And these people’s opinions, right or wrong, will be heard by a much greater audience nowadays than in the past. 

This is why I work day and night to answer people’s questions and get feedback on where we can improve. When a customer has 15,000 followers on social media and they publicly rave about your products and customer service, you’re not only getting free advertising. You’re getting a referral from a trusted source. This translates into money in the bank. Putting your customers first and working hard to ensure satisfaction will make your job easier and more rewarding in the future.

Mark Coxon

Thoroughbred Leather – A Division of Tasman Industries

Instagram- Markcoxon01

Twitter- @CoxonMark