His presentation, “Deforestation-free beef and leather supply chains in the Amazon biome in Brazil” will give an overview of NWF’s International Program, which aims to advance market-based solutions and public policy to promote zero-deforestation agricultural production in the tropics, focusing on the commodities that have the greatest impacts on forests and wildlife, such as beef, leather, soy and palm oil. Bauer will outline how increased demand for deforestation free supply chains informs risk management strategies in the leather industry and the importance of traceability and monitoring. Furthermore, he will explain the different fragments of the Brazilian cattle supply chain and existing monitoring systems, as well as NFW’s key recommendations for Traceability Requirements in Sourcing Policies.

Mauricio Bauer

About Mauricio Bauer
Mauricio Bauer has an MBA, a degree in Veterinary Medicine and a degree in Agronomy. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, he is part of National Wildlife Federation’s International Wildlife Conservation team as a Senior Corporate Engagement Specialist. Bauer built his career in the private sector in production and trading of agricultural commodities in Brazil, Australia and in the United States. He supports NWF’s corporate engagement efforts, focused on eliminating the loss and degradation of tropical and sub-tropical forest ecosystems in Latin America that result from the production of key agricultural commodities, primarily beef, leather and soy. He is also responsible for supporting the development and execution of NWF’s corporate engagement activities with companies in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, coordinating efforts with coalition partners.

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