Coordinated by the CICB, the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry Aiming, ‘Design na Pele’ aims to combine quality and talent from Brazil for the production of unique articles focused on enhancing exports. For its third edition, the project has formed a partnership with the design studio, Lattoog, furniture company, Sandrin, and the Brazilian tannery, Curtume Rusan.

“We’ll have one of our stronger articles, suede, where we rarely see it, like on furniture and cushions”, says Camila Koefender, Director, Curtume Rusan. “Leather brings infinite opportunities. When we thought we knew everything about hides and skins, Design na Pele proves that we were wrong”, adds Leonardo Lattoog.

Combining artistic expression and the rationalism derived from industrial production, other partnerships are underway for Design na Pele’s third edition.