In his presentation, Bellese will outline the cornerstones of PrimeAsia’s recently launched ‘Responsibly Raised Initiative’. The scheme was devised based on the understanding that continuous and sustainable improvements up and down the supply chain have to be made.

By working directly with its long-term supply partners, PrimeAsia Leather is therefore looking to develop raw material pipelines that result in more sustainable practices, which in turn promotes strong stewardship within its facilities and throughout the supply chain.

Through engagement with suppliers and key stakeholders, PrimeAsia identified and worked to promote projects that result in the better use of natural resources, lower emissions, improved labour conditions, sound animal welfare standards and full transparency throughout the value chain. Bellese will share how this approach is contributing to the development of best practices and key results to date.

Fernando Bellese

About Fernando Bellese

Fernando Bellese is a Marketing and Sustainability professional with more than ten years of experience in the leather industry. In his role as Chief Sustainability Officer at PrimeAsia Leather Corporation, Bellese is constantly working on projects to develop Cleaner Production approaches and creating more sustainable outcomes. He has been actively engaged in different international initiatives and organisations such as Leather Naturally, LWG, ZDHC, UNECE and the Brazilian Roundtable of Sustainable Livestock, participating directly in discussions involving the worldwide leather industry about innovation, supply-chain, traceability, carbon footprint, environment, transparency, animal-welfare, responsible chemical management and the global promotion of sustainable leather.

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