The organisers of Première Vision Paris, comprised of six shows, including Première Vision Leather, said the 100% virtual event in February will introduce new services for the industry and reflect the marked acceleration of the group’s digitisation. A new website will also be rolled out in several stages over the coming year, which will bring together all the trade shows and its Marketplace. The Première Vision Paris Digital Show, which took place on September 15-16, featured 1,675 e-shops, more than 43,000 products, 19,500 unique visitors from nearly 120 countries, over 4,000 participants in the digital talks, according to the organisers.

Gilles Lasbordes, Managing Director, Première Vision, said that while the industry’s digital transformation is now entering a new phase, buying patterns have changed. “Sustainability, transparency and traceability are increasingly central to consumer expectations, as are local manufacturing and «Made in». These developments all present opportunities for brands and industry professionals to develop new know-hows, to innovate and adapt their services to new and evolving ways to source their materials.”