In his presentation titled ‘DNA Labelling – The smart way to follow materials through the supply chain’, Dr Hayward will discuss how DNA labelling could provide the solution to secure the entire leather value chain, from the farm to the retailed product. The leather industry’s supply chain is complex, and there is currently no complete and reliable system for managing traceability.

Applied DNA Sciences are the creators of unique botanical DNA-based tagging and authentication systems which have been successfully implemented to improve supply chain management, protecting textiles, electronic components, cash, vehicles and many other assets; the final product is forensically marked and protected from counterfeiters.

Dr Hayward has over 20 years’ experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, life science and consumer product industries. He is actively involved in the global effort to ensure the authenticity of products, and the protection of global supply chains from counterfeiting and diversion. Patented and applied in over a billion products throughout the world, the Company’s SigNature DNA markers are unique, botanical, “green” DNA sequences that can help preserve the quality and integrity of products from pharmaceutics to cosmetics.

Jointly organised by the BLC Leather Technology Centre and APLF Ltd, sponsors of the 2017 conference include Stahl (platinum), Lanxess (Gold), Micro-Pak (Bronze). ILM is the official media sponsor.

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